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Contact Big Yes Press regarding our books, our authors, your manuscript or to arrange an event or reading. BIG YES Press anchors its books in community and promotes each publication via press networks, media and events.


Big Yes Press editor

San Luis Obispo, CA 93403

Big Yes Press serves every book with care and attention.  A book can take several months, start to release, so if you are in a hurry, consider your options. 

  • BYP makes no money from the sale of BYP books.  We are writers and poets who do this because we want to do this!  

  • BYP selects, edits and guides production and release of each book.  All BYP books have a print run of in-the-hand books.  (Some books are also made available as ebooks.)  Our production partners beat Amazon for quality and cost.  

  • BYP is committed to authors retaining 100% ownership and 100% of the profits from the sale of their books.  There is no pre-order or minimum copies sold.   

  • BYP is a proud member of the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP).  You can read more about CLMP at 

Unsolicited queries from established and emerging writers and poets are welcome according to these steps:

  1. HAVE a titled complete book length (minimum of 55-60 pages for poetry, longer in other genres) manuscript of ordered poetry or writing ready to submit before you query. NO chapbooks. Collections of short fiction or other manuscripts will be considered.

  2. WHEN ready, email BYP at with your query that includes: a brief book synopsis, short bio, and 3-5 poem sample or first chapter to Tell us how you heard about BYP and why you want to publish with BYP. We hope to see you are publishing in journals, reading in your community, and joining with other writers in critique. We want to hear how you are involved in passions that feed your writing. AND this part is important: Tell us who you want to have read your book and how you intend to promote your book to reach those readers. Books in boxes are a loss to readers. BYP wants books in hand!

  3. BYP will let you know if your query sparks interest as soon as possible. We will pass your query around so all of us can read it and then meet to talk about your work. We will provide you with the feedback from our discussion as a courtesy to you (no form letters). We will then talk about next steps.

  4. Kindly do not send a manuscript in whole or part until you have introduced yourself and your book to BYP and gotten an invitation to start a dialogue to see if your book is a fit.

  5. Samples and manuscripts should be written in English. If your book will be in translation, let us know this, but only include the manuscript in English for BYP consideration.

  6. PLEASE NOTE: BYP does not publish any writing or poetry that appears to us to harangue or proselytize, attack or propagandize.

  7. If any of your writing or poems have been previously published in a journal or other venue, you must have rights to publish these in your own book.

HERE ARE OUR TIPS to prepare a manuscript for BYP submission, particularly if you are an emerging poet or writer.

  1. Gather work is ready for book publication. Look for common elements and themes.

  2. Offer strong writing from start to end. Set a tone to bring us in and through and arrive at some closure.

  3. Is your book a collection? Using sections can be helpful. Is it a coming of age or hero’s journey collection in that you or your cast grow and challenge obstacles? If so, consider, even for poetry, how you might start with writing that offers a call to the journey, moves across a course of change, and comes to a kind of resolution.

  4. All BYP poetry books must be at least 72 bound pages to have a spine. All BYP books have spines. So a manuscript has a minimum of 50+ poems assuming that these poems are 1-2 pages each. Story collections or anthologies will be at least 72 pages or longer.

  5. Lastly, treat your work with love and affection. Many favorite stories or poems will not make the cut into this book but may find their way into another book. Be bold. If you have a poem that you really love, put it in and be willing to fight for it!

  6. IMPORTANT! Before you submit a manuscript, put your work into a 6” x 9” format with 1.25” margins all around. The font size for the poem should be 12 with poem titles at the top of the page. This helps BYP see your poems on a published page. It helps YOU adjust your line lengths and stanza breaks to fit the published page. At the end of each poem, be sure to insert a page break. Please use a running head that includes your manuscript title, your name and page number. Remember, your work is copyrighted to you. BYP asks all of this so your book is clear on the page at the start. Help us see your poems as a reader would come to your poems! Doing all of this seeming lot of work will speed the process of publication.

  7. Manuscripts that do not proceed with BYP will be deleted from BYP’s records.