About Big Yes Press: Book Publishers of Poetry

BIG YES PRESS is a multi-format independent publisher. We are fair producers of fabulous books by terrific poets and authors. Big Yes Press was founded to support diversity and integrity within the poetry community.

About Big Yes Press

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Big Yes Press is a not-for-profit small press committed to print-run books that fit in the hands of readers where ever we find them. We publish authors who share human experience through poetic voices anchored in craft.   We are proud to do this work! Together!

BYP was founded in 2012. And here we are in 2019! This year BYP welcomes two new titles. Readers can look forward to Seattle poet and artist M. Anne Sweet’s new book of graphic poetry. And we have an anthology of women’s poems and writings in motion!

Hey! While you are here, we want to shout out some author kudos! Sylvia Alcon’s Turning premiered as a choral arrangement and will be performed again in France in 2019. Lauren Henley’second book, Starshine Road, won the Perugia Press Prize. Dian Sousa of San Luis Obispo, Enid Osborn of Santa Barbara, and Caroline Goodwin of San Mateo have generously served as California County Poet Laureates. Caroline Goodwin served as a William Stegner Fellow at Stanford University. Paula Lowe’s MOO was an International Book Award in Poetry finalist. Jonathan Maule was a winner of the Academy of American Poets Contest at Cal Poly University.

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We are a grateful group of volunteer writers and editors who steer and fund each BYP title. BYP's book designer is Sylvia Aranda of Oakland, California.  Print runs are produced by Kansas City Book Manufacturing.  Distribution is through Amazon, select independent bookstores and the author/poet's events and efforts.   All BYP books are submitted for awards and reviews.

Big Yes Press is a proud member of Community for Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP). Read more about CLMP at https://www.clmp.org/about/what-we-believe/

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BYP picks manuscripts that seem to us to be brave, fresh, and engaging. All BYP authors bring their take on human experience we would miss without their noticing and giving words and images to it.

We give each book care and attention from manuscript to printed page to electronic media. If you are interested in BYP’s publishing and submission process, please see our submission/contact page for details. 


BYP offers you books we love!  BYP books are available for purchase from BYP poets, writers, Amazon, select independent book stores and libraries, and at poet and writer events.  

BYP authors retain their copyrights and keep 100% of the profits from the sale of their books.  Please! Buy poetry. Buy from poets! Buy story.  Buy from story telling writers!

Join BYP in celebrating the written word by financially supporting the people we depend on to write the stories and poems of our times! Please invite BYP writers to read and share with your community!