About Big Yes Press: Book Publishers of Poetry

BIG YES PRESS is a multi-format independent publisher. We are fair producers of fabulous books by terrific poets and authors. Big Yes Press was founded to support diversity and integrity within the poetry community.

About Big Yes Press


Big Yes Press formed as a not for profit book producer in 2012 when three California poets said Yes. Big Yes. Poets need to own and profit from their books!  And we can make that happen.

Phase One: Getting organized.  Phase Two: BYP founder poets worked the bugs out of book making by producing three books with invited editors, book designers, book manufacturers, and event hosts.  Phase Three: the partnering process works!  BYP is now producing books that speak of time, place and lived experience with true voice and sure craft.   

We live with gratitude.  One book at a time. Welcome.

About BYP.

Founding Publishers  Paula C. Lowe & Sylvia Alcon & Dian Sousa  Publisher/Editor  Paula C. Lowe  Assistant Editor  Sylvia Alcon  Advisory Team  Jack Remick & Kevin Clark  Designer  Sylvia Aranda  Printer  Kansas City Book Manufacturing  Distribution  Amazon & Select Independent Bookstores


BYP is establishing itself as a nimble publisher with a rigorous editorial process. 

BYP poets are urban and rural.  Of desert. In Alaska. Traffic warriors. Quiet. Emerging.  Or established. Edgy.  Going deeper.  Some are poet laureates, some are award winners, and one has poetry sung by a choir.

All BYP poets are incessant poets who give readers something of the human experience we would miss without their noticing and giving words to it.

BYP is a Not For Profit Producer of Books that focuses on one book from draft to final release.  BYP authors retain 100% book rights and 100% book profits.

BYP is devoted to producing one book at a time. We consider it a privilege to be inside a poet’s work. We give it care and attention from manuscript to printed page. If you are interested in BYP’s publishing and submission process, please see our submission/contact page for details. 


BYP seeks to provide you with outstanding poetry! 

All BYP books are available for purchase directly from BYP poets, Amazon, select independent book stores and libraries, and at poet events.  

If you value poetry, buy poetry from poets.  BYP poets make 100% of the profits from the sale of their books.  Use the contact information on this website or go to amazon.com or find a select local bookstore. 

Buy poetry. Buy from poets.